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The second cares nothing for the Dutch nation as such, but has carefully studied Fascism and has a deep commitment to save the world from its perceived evils. The Feeling of Patriotism must be Instilled In the past, particularly during the British reign, many people came forward to instil the feeling of patriotism among their fellow countrymen.

It is a noble feeling of the mind. The question of whether we are more like brothers with our countrymen than with other people arises constantly in practical life.

They carried on their struggle for freedom for many years. He took the leap onto the moon to prove his patriotism. She played a vital role in the Civil Disobedience Movement because of which she even got arrested along with other prominent freedom fighters. I love my country very much and am proud of it.

Moreover, the term ethnocentrism is generally used negatively, whereas the term patriotism is quite often used positively. Patriotism is loyalty to the land and people.

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It is standing up for views and ideas in the favour of the community. People must join hands with the government and other institutions to work in this direction.

Patriotism is the kind of motivation that motivates people to work hard for the progress of the nation. It is to voluntarily act to improve the quality of life of people around.

It is to voluntarily act to improve the quality of life of people around. They would have only looked for their own selfish motifs in that situation.

Essay on Patriotism

We all need to always stay united and devoted for the betterment of our nation. Love for the country and serving the country is almost a forgotten concept these days. In his article "Is patriotism a virtue. They consider it a miracle, all these people living under a single roof.

Therefore a rebel who is against the government and not a nationalist, can be a patriot if he is loyal to the people. It includes the feeling of love and affection for the people and being united even in diversity.

It also brings people of a country closer and helps them experience the love and joy of sharing and caring. Some are ready to sacrifice their own interest for the good of the country. Conclusion A true patriot is the one who works hard for the betterment of his country.

We all need to be awakened to the fact that it has become just another word for us. He seeks his own interest. Their contribution in various fields that has led to the development of the country is their reflection of love for the country.

Among biologists, some believe that the quantitative conditions needed to make kin selection effective in small human societies were not met. Patriots work for the betterment of their country and welfare of their fellow beings. It is the efforts of the youth of our country that have paid off.

We must help people in need and relieve suffering by giving time, effort or money. Patriotism reflects in philanthropic acts. Alasdair MacIntyre would claim that they were not; that these and similar cases are instances of idealismbut not of patriotism.

It is not about blindly following the beliefs and cultural values of the country. Each country in the world needs more and more people who possess this feeling. It is about going ahead and volunteering to serve the nation and its people whenever need be.

There is a very thin line between patriotism and chauvinism. It is like being loyal to the family. This is perhaps a fair characterization of the attitude of many of the participants in the American Civil War or most of the fronts of the First World War.

In Martha Nussbaum’s essay, “Patriotism and Cosmopolitanism”, she claims that the people of our nation are “appallingly ignorant” of the world, to which I concur.

Children in America should learn about the world at an early age.

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Patriotism Essay 2 ( words) Introduction. Patriotism is the feeling of love and respect for one’s country. Patriots are known to love their country unconditionally and are proud of it.

Click On A State To See What Other Patriotic Kids All Over America Are Doing! Alabama Alaska Arizona Arkansas California Colorado Connecticut Delaware Florida. - Patriotism as Bad Faith Simon Keller argues in his essay "Patriotism as Bad Faith" that patriotism is not a virtue but it is actually a vice.

Keller begins by splitting the views on this philosophical debate into three different representations. - Children in the United States go through many years of school reciting the Pledge of.

Essay on Patriotism: Love of the Country – Essay 2 ( words) Introduction Patriotism is the feeling of love and devotion for one’s country and a. Patriotism is a feeling of love and devotion to one's own homeland (patria, the land of one's fathers).

This article surveys the concept of patriotism from the viewpoints of history, politics, ethics, and biology.

Patriotism essay for children
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